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Headline: Answering a call to compassion
Newspaper: Atlantic News Date: 10/18/2001 ; Page: 3 ; Section: News & Features
Author: Premo, Liz Town: Hampton
Photo? Y
Caption: Home school students Jillian Aslin, Isaac McNally and Ian McNally held a a bake sale Saturday to raise funds to help children in Afghanistan.
Town Agencies: Organizations: Faith Community Church ;
Named People: McNally, Ian ; McNally, Isaac ; Aslin, Jillian ; McNally Candi ; Aslin, Sharon ; Abasciano, Brian ; Subjects: Bake Sales ; Yard Sales ; Fund Raising ; Afghanistan ; Children ;

Headline: How much for this?
Newspaper: Hampton Union Date: 9/7/2001 ; Page: A2 ; Section: News & Features
Author: Reily, Emily Town: Hampton
Photo? Y
Caption: Hampton's Elizabeth Aykroyd packs up delicious items while Susanne Falzone, also of Hampton, assists customers during a yard sale held outside the Tuck Museum. The sale was held by the Hampton Historical Society.
Town Agencies: Organizations: Tuck Museum ; Hampton Historical Society ;
Named People: Aykroyd, Elizabeth ; Falzone, Susanne ; Subjects: Fund Raising ; Yard Sales ;

Headline: Searching for a bargain
Newspaper: Hampton Union Date: 10/19/1999 ; Page: A8 ; Section: News & Features
Author: Town: North Hampton
Photo? Y
Caption: Alexis Connell, 8, and her sister Ryan, 6. check out books at a yard sale at the North Hampton Elementary School Saturday. The sale was to benefit the eighth graders' class trip to Washington, D.C.
Town Agencies: North Hampton Elementary School ; Organizations:
Named People: Connell, Alexis ; Ryan, Connell ; Subjects: Yard Sales ; Fund Raising ;

Headline: bargains, bargains, bargains
Newspaper: Hampton Union Date: 9/28/1999 ; Page: B2 ; Section: News & Features
Author: Cook, Tim Town: Hampton Falls
Photo? Y
Caption: many Seacoast residents took advantage of a fine fall weekend to take in the yard sale fund-raiser for Centennial Hall, North Hampton...
Town Agencies: Organizations: Friends of Centennial Hall ;
Named People: Subjects: Fund Raising ; Yard Sales ;

Headline: On-line buying, selling will be explored in community ed course
Newspaper: Hampton Union Date: 09/07/1999 ; Page: B9 ; Section: News & Features
Author: Town: Hampton
Photo? N
Town Agencies: Organizations:
Named People: Baskerville, Robin ; Subjects: Courses ; Internet ; Yard Sales ;

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