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Headline: What makes up a newspaper?
Newspaper: Atlantic News Date: 4/26/2001 ; Page: 2 ; Section: News & Features
Author: Premo, Liz Town: Hampton
Photo? Y
Caption: Members of the Boy Scouts of America Cub Pack 176, Den 4 of the Tiger Cubs wanted to get the big scoop on how newspapers go together when they visited the offices of the "Atlantic News". John Hirtle explained the finer points to them.
Town Agencies: Organizations: Atlantic News ;
Named People: Borg, Steven ; Prive, Adam ; Broad, Matthew ; Broad, Jason ; MacEachereen, Ryan ; Hirtle, John ; Broad, Dawn ; Borg, Mary ; Prive, Lauine ; Borg, Clyde ; Subjects: Cub Scouts ; Newspaper Publication ;
Notes: Prive, Mitchell

Headline: A pack into paste up
Newspaper: Atlantic News Date: 1/25/2001 ; Page: 2 ; Section: News & Features
Author: Hirtle, John Town: Hampton
Photo? Y
Caption: Hampton's own Cub Scout Pack 177 of Den 15 came by the offices of the Atlantic News to learn all that they could about what it takes to create a small, locally and operated newspaper from John Hirtle.
Town Agencies: Organizations: Hampton Cub Scouts Den 15 ;
Named People: Renstrom, Todd ; Mahoney, Erik ; Rowley, Donald ; Silveria, Joey ; Howland, Nathan ; Huber, Joshua ; Doyle, Nat ; Silveria, Emily ; Silveria, Frank ; Subjects: Cub Scouts ; Newspapers ; Newspaper Publication ;

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