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Drawing of Great Boar's Head, ca. 1823

Map of Great Boar's Head and Hampton Beach in 1841.

1844 Brochure for Boar's Head Hotel

Painting of an early view of Great Boar's Head and North Beach, no date

The Old Tide Mill with a gundalow at Tide Mill Creek, before 1880.

The Jenness blacksmith shop, 284 Winnacunnet Road, c. 1850 to 1890s.

Coach and guests at the Boar's Head Hotel

Tourists in front of the Eagle House, Great Boar's Head

Tourists sitting on an overturned dory on the beach in front of the Ocean House, before 1885.

Ocean House Hotel, prior to 1885

Cutler's original Sea View House and billiard hall, prior to 1886

Stereoptican view of Great Boar's Head across the marshes from Winnacunnet Road, ca. 1880s.

Remains of a shipwreck on Hampton Beach south of Boar's Head before 1885

Tourists posing on the piazza of Leavitt's Hampton Beach Hotel, 1881

Boar's Head Hotel, ca. 1880s

Men lined up for a footrace on Ocean Blvd. just south of Great Boar's Head, ca. 1880s.

Lafayette Road looking north to the Union House -- ca. 1890.

The Union House, before 1890

Leavitt Homestead at North Beach, ca. 1890

The home of Thomas Nudd at Hampton Beach

Cutler's Sea View House hotel, after 1884

Granite House Hotel and Boar's Head Hotel, prior to 1892

Early view of Great Boar's head with the Fifty Steps in the foreground, ca. 1890.

Samuel D. Lane farm, 567 Lafayette Road, ca 1890

John W. Locke's Store at Hampton Beach, before 1900

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