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Car barn of the Exeter Street Railway Company and power house of the Exeter and Hampton Electric Company, between 1897 and 1907
At left is the power house of the Exeter, Hampton and Amesbury Street Railway Company, while at right is the car barn where trolleys were parked. The car barn was built in 1897 and burned in 1907, so this photo was taken during that time period. A smoke stack appears above the power house, and a water tower can be seen in the back between the two buildings. Two trolley cars are pictured, one in the barn and one in front of the barn. This building is located on Exeter Road just west of the intersection with Timber Swamp Road.
Streets: Exeter
Neighborhood: Exeter Road
Photographer or Illustrator:
Format of Original: Published
Available in a published source?: Randall's History of Hampton,
Subjects:    People:    Businesses and Organizations:
Water Towers
Streetcar Barns
Power Plants
      Exeter, Hampton and Amesbury Street Railway
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