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The Fairview and the Janvrin, before the 1915 fire
The Fairview House (left) and Janvrin Hotel (right) at the main beach, located between A and B streets. The Fairview House was opened after 1911 by James F. and Lucy A. Garland, and in May 1912 the first pharmacy at the beach was opened on the lower floor by Harry A. Graves of Manchester. Graves' Fairview Pharmacy's sign can be seen in the photo. Between the Fairview and the Janvrin, is a cottage flying the American flag. The Janvrin was owned by Delwin A. and Florence Munsey and the building shown in this picture was built in 1911-12 after a smaller version had been moved to another location on the beach. All of the buildings seen in this photo were destroyed in the 1915 beach fire.
Streets: Ocean
Neighborhood: Main Beach
Photographer or Illustrator:
Format of Original: Published
Available in a published source?: Randall's History of Hampton,
Subjects:    People:    Businesses and Organizations:
Hotels and Motels
Drugstores and Pharmacies
   Munsey, Delwin A.
Munsey, Florence
Graves, Harry A.
Garland, James F.
Garland, Lucy A.
   Fairview House
Janvrin Hotel
Graves' Fairview Pharmacy
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